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Our Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth were great, at one point. Our ancestors once required these sets of teeth to chew on raw meat, roots, nuts, and many other hard-to-chew foods. Today, our eating habits have changed considerably.

We now eat food that’s cooked, meaning that the food we’re chewing on is much tender than if it were raw. Because of this, our jaws grew smaller. Unfortunately, the wisdom tooth isn’t so wise, which still believes itself to be still necessary, causing havoc in many people’s mouths.

Want to remove your wisdom tooth? Let’s figure out whether you need it.

Not Everyone Needs to Remove their Wisdom Teeth

For those lucky few, wisdom teeth aren’t bothering them in any way. They aren’t dealing with pain and are likely to have few issues when it comes to dental care. However, for the rest of us, our wisdom teeth seem to have trouble coming out, or even at all, causing a whole host of problems that requires removal.

Partially Impacted Vs. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are having trouble erupting through the gums, you might be dealing with either partially impacted wisdom teeth or impacted wisdom teeth. A partially impacted wisdom tooth is one that only breaks halfway through the gums while an impacted wisdom tooth is one that never breaks through the gum.

Whichever you’re dealing with, wisdom teeth are more than likely going to grow at an angle due to limited growing space. This causes a variety of problems.

The Issues of Impacted and Partially Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The most noticeable issue with wisdom teeth that don’t fully break through the gums is that it hurts. A lot!

These wisdom teeth, which are extra molars, can push around the other teeth on your jaw. Not only does it make your teeth misaligned, but it’ll cause a lot of pain again when you bite down. Cysts can also form around the wisdom teeth, which, if not treated, can seriously damage nerves. Problems with your sinuses can also arise, which can result in pain or the feeling of being extra congested.

Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, you should have them removed. However, to be sure, you’ll need to consult your dentist to make sure that your removal of extra molars is required.

To conclude, if your wisdom teeth are causing any trouble to you, head to the dentist right away before it gets too serious. They’ll diagnose you thoroughly and figure out the right treatment for you.

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