Wisdom Tooth Pain

5 signs you may need emergency dental care

Oral injuries can vary from mild to extreme. They can also take on many different forms, be caused by different factors, and occur at any time of the day.

When faced with an oral injury, some people are not sure whether they need to seek dental treatment right away or simply wait for a more appropriate time to go to their dentist.

In this article, we’ll clear things up so that in case you do sustain an oral injury, you know how to act accordingly and not make your condition any worse. Below are a few signs that indicate your oral injury is severe and needs urgent medical attention.

What is considered to be a dental emergency?

1. Your pain is severe
Pain is usually measured on a scale of one to ten. While this is a subjective matter that will depend on your tolerance to pain, pain levels in the upper range indicate that your oral injury needs immediate attention.

You cannot afford to wait as such a high level of pain means that you will have difficulty eating, sleeping, and carrying out any of your important responsibilities. Even if you feel that the pain subsides on its own, it might indicate that something is terribly wrong and you need to take immediate action so that the problem is swiftly resolved.

2. Your gums won’t stop bleeding
Bleeding gums are a sign of poor dental hygiene, but it can also indicate underlying health issues that need urgent attention. While some bleeding might be considered normal in a few situations, you should consider it as a dental emergency if your gums are bleeding profusely and they show no signs of stopping,

3. Your tooth is loose or has completely fallen out
Loose teeth are never normal for any adult. Even if there is no pain involved, a loose tooth could be another sign of more serious health conditions that you shouldn’t overlook. If you feel that your teeth are giving way, you should act fast so that the problem doesn’t worsen. In the event that your tooth has fallen out completely, you should keep the tooth in case it might be restored.

4. Your gums are swollen
Swelling around the gums and mouth area is a dangerous condition that can get in the way of eating and breathing Because these are activities that are essential to survival, you need to seek dental care right away if the swelling is severe and shows no signs of going away.

5. Your tooth is cracked or chipped
Whether or not the tooth is causing you pain, a damaged tooth can also constitute a dental emergency. Tooth fragments may remain in your mouth, causing further damage and trauma that might not be easily reserved. In such an event, the dentist will likely repair your tooth back to its original state, but you must see them as early as possible to better facilitate the restoration process.


If you experience any of the signs listed above, seek dental treatment as quickly as you can. It’s important that you do so in order to prevent further complications and to hasten the healing process.

If you have a dental emergency or are in need of other dental treatments, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.