Reopening After Covid-19

You may be wondering what steps we’ve taken to ensure your safety when you next visit our practice.

It is now clear that the entire landscape of dentistry will change at least during the transmission phase of COVID-19. It has forced the dental profession to revisit its entire infection control method and policy and no doubt there will be significant policy changes in the wake of this crisis.

Dentistry always had excellent standards of cross infection with single use instruments where possible, autoclaving of other instruments and disinfection of hard surfaces. One of the biggest challenges in infection control within healthcare settings is in dealing with the air and whilst there is no real evidence of transmission in a dental practice via this route it has remained an area of some concern.

Therefore, despite the small and theoretical risk of transmission in this way, to make sure our patients receive the best treatment and service, we are the first dental group in the UK to have partnered up with Radic8, who are leading the global fight against airborne viruses and have installed their clean air technology “Viruskillers” in our dental practices.

The units have a 99.99999% kill rate on all respiratory viruses, including Coronavirus, in a single air pass. The VK 401 aims to completely recycle the air inside a standard size practice in between every patient visit (around 5 minutes). While the patient is inside, the unit creates an airflow that drags contaminated air away from the patient and the dentist and releases sterilized air back, creating a continuous cycle.


There are other changes to our protocols and we would encourage you to look at the patient reopening policy prior to attending your next appointment.

You can click the image or the link to the patient brochure here