Visiting Our Practice?

Here’s some of the things you need to know before your appointment

Who Should Attend?

A lot of our patients are children and we know a visit to the dentist can be an unusual experience for them, but due to social distancing we are trying to reduce the number of people in the practice so we don’t have to reduce the number of appointments available. In order to comply with social distancing and make treatment safe for both patients and staff, we are asking patients to attend alone wherever possible. The majority of our patients attend the practice at regular intervals and are comfortable coming for orthodontic treatment alone.

We appreciate that there are times when this is not possible or suitable due to either the nature of the appointment or for other reasons:

  • It’s their first appointment
  • To Plan and Consent for treatment
  • If your child does not feel comfortable attending alone, if this is the case, please call us.
As we work in an open plan setting, we may ask parents to wait in the waiting room to comply with social distancing measures. As we have limited space in the waiting room, we may ask parents/guardians to wait in their car/outside the practice. This is to allow our patients having treatment can enter the building and have their treatment in a timely manner. The clinician will try to debrief the parent after the appointment if required.
Please remember to wear a mask at all times and use the hand sanitiser we provide upon entry.
We really appreciate your support.