Private Dentist Costs

How much do private dentists cost?

Going to the dentist can sometimes feel like travelling into the unknown; you may never be able to predict what additional treatments you are likely to be recommended. Even if your teeth seem healthy, dentists may usually opt to build a comprehensive preventive treatment plan specially personalised for you to help serve as a preventive […]

Craig’s Dental Implant Journey

Craig from Sub Zero Climate Control, started his implant journey last year. He had a missing tooth on his upper jaw, just at the back of his smile line. Craig wanted to fill the gap and brighten his smile, so he opted for a dental implant and teeth whitening. Here’s what Craig had to say […]

NHS Vs Private Dentist - Affordable

Private Dentist Vs NHS

To gain access to NHS dental care the majority of our patients will make a contribution to their treatment. There is a common misconception that private dental treatment is inhibitability expensive. This, however, isn’t necessarily true. Yes, there is a modest difference between the treatment costs as delivered by the NHS and private practices, but […]