NHS Vs Private Dentist - Affordable

Private Dentist Vs NHS

To gain access to NHS dental care the majority of our patients will make a contribution to their treatment. There is a common misconception that private dental treatment is inhibitability expensive. This, however, isn’t necessarily true. Yes, there is a modest difference between the treatment costs as delivered by the NHS and private practices, but the range of services provided by a private dental practice is also vastly diverse. A long-standing debate about the quality of dental treatments has been made between these two dental sectors.

The differences between the NHS and private practices may not always be clear-cut, but there are some key differences that may persuade you to prefer one over the other.

Private Dentists offer a variety of treatment options

The NHS offers a range of core dental treatment options such as fillings and crowns, to bridges and dentures. All treatments provided by the NHS dental care system operates under three price brackets. However, the dentists working under the NHS are restricted by NHS regulations to provide only certain dental treatments to the patients. One of the dental treatments that a dentist is limited by when working within the NHS is providing fillings.

Under the NHS, fillings used for restorative purposes may only be available in a silver material unless the filling is in a front tooth. The only exceptions to this are in pregnant patients, under 19 year olds and when a white filling is essential to provide normal function. This may often be a conflict of interest for the patient because those who would like a white filling may need to pay extra to have them placed or perhaps decide not to get them. Private practices operate with great care to respect the patient’s wishes and this includes their desired aesthetics. White fillings are readily available to the patients as part of their treatment options which are discussed at their consultation or examination.

More choice for cosmetic dentistry

The NHS functions with stringent regard for the functional aspect of dental restorations. Any dental treatment that is considered to be purely aesthetic will not be covered by the NHS. This includes white fillings and crowns which do not qualify under the inclusion criteria set by the NHS guidelines. NHS dental treatments do not cater to the importance of aesthetics and are purely functional-based. Due to this reason, you may only be offered a silver or amalgam filling within your NHS treatment even considering your preference for a tooth coloured filling.

Dental practices working within the private sector make sure that not only your functional needs but also your aesthetic wishes are considered. You will be able to receive tooth-coloured white fillings, also known as composite fillings, that are cosmetically superior to amalgam fillings as they look more natural. A shade guide will be used to help achieve the colour of the restorative filling or crown that is closest to your original teeth. This incorporation of aesthetics into dental treatment ensures that every treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs. Vitality Dental Care understands that the cosmetic proportions of a tooth are just as important as the functional abilities and we make sure to deliver the best aesthetic and functional results for our patients.

Equipment, materials, and technology

The way the UDA system works is controvertial. Dentists under the NHS get paid the same amount for a simple single filling as if they were performing multiple fillings. The NHS budget is tight, which means that they make use of better value dental materials, such as silver fillings instead of white fillings and have less access to advanced technologies and equipment to complete their job. The NHS will maintain your dental health and restore function but providing the most aesthetic or cosmetically pleasing result is not a priority or a requirement.

Private dentists are able to offer the latest in dental technology and use the most advanced dental materials. White fillings, which cost a little more, also support a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Vitality Dental Care strives to offer the best dental treatments with the best dental materials and giving our dentists the time to do their best work. Our dental materials are always of premium quality that give brilliant results.

Focus on preventive care

During your appointments at Vitality Dental Care your dentist will have more time to spend discussing how to prevent any problems. We strongly believe in prevention rather than cure, so any advice we can give you regarding how your cleaning or diet, for example, could improve your dental health, will be given and explained.

Private dentistry does cost a little more, but also helps ensure that you get the best treatment possible. Vitality Dental Care assures you that you get what you have paid for! More time, access to advanced fillings, hightened consideration for aesthetics, and slots for priority appointments, we guarantee you a brilliant tooth filling and a healthier mouth!