Private Dentist Costs

How much do private dentists cost?

Going to the dentist can sometimes feel like travelling into the unknown; you may never be able to predict what additional treatments you are likely to be recommended. Even if your teeth seem healthy, dentists may usually opt to build a comprehensive preventive treatment plan specially personalised for you to help serve as a preventive segment of dental care. You can usually sit back and be rest assured that your dentist will not perform any costly dental treatment without your complete engagement in the planning of treatment and your consent.

Private practices are very transparent about their charges on each dental treatment and but will vary from dentist to dentist. On average, the NHS will most likely cost you less than a private practice but you may also be waiting longer and potentially being transferred to a private dentist for a complex procedure anyways. At Vitality Dental Care, we believe in providing excellent and reliable dental care to all at affordable prices so as to ensure quality execution and a lifelong connection with our patients. Whatever your treatment and budget, you will be receiving premium quality dental treatments to correct your dental ailment, prevent the onset of future diseases, and raise the bar for dental aesthetics with your stunning smile.

A guide to our fee structure

The fees below provide a guide to our fee structure. It is our practice policy that we provide you with a transparent and written treatment plan and quotation before commencing on a course of treatment suited for you.

Private Examination – Starting from £45

To assess your current dental health status and discuss your requirements for new set-ups or treatments. We carry out an extensive full-mouth dental examination under high magnification and illumination, including general screening for any signs of mouth, face, and neck cancer and disease. We also provide routine dental x-rays to further examine your dental structures internally. It is highly recommended that you visit us at least annually to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free of disease.

Hygiene Therapy – Starting from £50

A consultation advising you on oral health and the importance of periodontal health. Frequent periodontal treatments will be carried out in conjunction with routine restorative work. Our dental therapists are qualified to focus on preventive dental health and treatment, to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Teeth Whitening – Starting from £250

A safe and effective way to enhance your smile! We provide in-office teeth whitening sessions to make your teeth whiter and brighter while still looking as natural as possible. Our teeth whitening treatments give you a guaranteed result after only two weeks!

White Filling – Starting from £80

Also known as composite fillings, this tooth-coloured resin helps restore your teeth following dental decay or injury. This state-of-the-art technique helps cosmetically match the shade of your teeth to make the restorations undistinguishable and realistic!

Sedation – Starting from £225

Conscious sedation may be provided to our patients who may be experiencing bouts of dental anxiety and may not be able to continue with the treatment. Sedation is done with your consent to allow you to be comfortable and at ease with the procedures.

Emergency Appointment (for non-registered patients) – Starting from £50

In case you have to come in for an emergency dental treatment that includes broken, chipped teeth, uncontrollable bleeding, excruciating pain, etc., our team will take care of your needs with round-the-clock working timings!

Fixed Braces – Starting from £1,500

Traditional braces that consist of metal frameworks may be recommended to patients with grossly misaligned teeth. Our orthodontic services guarantee the swiftest results and the best dental prognoses.

Clear Braces – Starting from £3,400

Crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth can also be corrected with the help of clear aligners or braces that are practically invisible. They offer benefits such as quicker results and out-and-out comfort, in addition to being aesthetically superior. This may be the choice of treatment for sociable teens and young adults.

Dentures – Starting from £500

Edentulism affects a majority of geriatric patients and may impose a negative influence on eating, speaking, and smiling. With our dentures made from cutting-edge technology, your smile can be readily restored and your oral functions can be preserved with utmost care.

Crown – Starting from £420

A highly compromised tooth with little remaining tooth structure and matter can be restored with the help of crowns ranging from porcelain to metal-infused. The type of crown you can choose will depend on the site of oral damage and the function of desired tooth.

Direct Veneers – Starting from £525

If you have suffered a minor dental mishap such as chipped or stained teeth, veneers may help cosmetically elevate your dental appearance. They are minimally invasive and provide brilliant results in the matter of just an hour.

Dental Implants – Starting from £2,200

The perfect long-term solution for tooth loss. Dental implants are prostheses that replace missing or extracted teeth with look-alike porcelain abutments that look and feel like natural teeth. The titanium post acting like the tooth root fixes the implant in position and enhances the longevity of the tooth structure.

Root Canal Therapy – Starting from £315

Infected teeth may need root canal therapy to help save it. The inner vital pulp (the living tissue) is removed and packed with safe dental materials that preserve the vitality of the tooth. It is a great dental treatment for people looking to save their existing teeth rather than replacing them.

Periodontal Therapy – Starting from £120

It consists of deep tooth cleaning and root planing to prevent the progression of any gum disease.

The NHS is only able to provide dental care necessary to maintain your oral health. Because of this there will be options available to you on a private basis that are not available on the NHS. Private dentists have access to a wider range of treatments, materials and techniques to ensure you get the treatment you not only need, but want too.