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Denture Problems during Covid-19 disruption

Correct as of 24th March 2020.

If your denture is broken, as we write, some labs are still open to mend your denture, however not all are. Please call the practice to see if we can help.

If your denture is loose or rubbing you may find denture fixative like Polygrip or Fixodent may help stabilise the denture in the short term while we get through the acute phase of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Another option, although we realise this may not be terribly desirable, is to leave the denture out until the sore area has healed, then try the denture in again. Sometimes the sore area is caused by a rogue bit of food getting under the denture and once healed the denture is comfortable again.

Once we are allowed to see patients normally we will be more than happy to see you to discuss how we can help if you are still getting problems.

Please call the practice if you would like any further advice.